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Objectives of EBSHIA

EBSHIA was established by law to raise financial resources, pool funds and strategically purchase health services in an efficient, equitable, effective and sustainable manner.

  • Regulate, supervise, implement and ensure effective administration of the Ebonyi State Health Insurance Scheme.
  • Ensure that every resident of Ebonyi State has access to qualitative and affordable health care services.
  • Ensure that all residents of Ebonyi State have financial protection and physical access to quality and affordable health care services.
  • Protect families from the financial hardship of healthcare
  • Limit the rise in the cost of healthcare services;
  • Ensure equitable distribution of health care costs across different income groups.
  • Maintain high standard of health care delivery services within the Health Scheme.
  • Ensure efficiency in health care service delivery;
  • Improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services.
  • Ensure appropriate patronage at all levels of the health care delivery system.
  • Ensure the availability of alternative sources of funding to the health sector for improved services.

Functions of EBSHIA

The Agency shall make regulations and issue guidelines for-

  • The registration of employers and employees liable for contributions under this Law.
  • The registration of dependants of employees covered by the Scheme;
  • The registration of health care practitioners practicing under the Ebonyi State Contributory Healthcare Scheme
  • The Automatic payment of contributions by students of tertiary institutions under the Ebonyi State, employers and employees, the rates of those contributions and the deduction by the employers of contributions payable by employees under this Scheme from any salary, wage or other money payable;
  • The payment of contributions by self-employed and other persons and rates of such contributions;
  • The maintenance of the records to be kept for the Agency and the records to be kept by employers in respect of contributions payable under this Law and in respect of their employees;
  • The methods of receiving contributions under this Law;
  • The imposition of sub-charges in respect of late payment of contributions by employers or employees;
  • The manner and circumstances in which contributions may be remitted and refunded;
  • Negotiated fees and charges payable for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and all other services provided under the scheme;
  • The nature and amount of benefits to be provided under this Scheme, the circumstances and the way the benefits shall be provided;
  • The nature and amount of capitation and other forms of healthcare providers payment under this Scheme, the circumstances and the way health care providers shall receive the payment;
  • The reduction, suspension or withdrawal of any payment under this Scheme;
  • The submission of returns by employers regarding the employers and their employees;
  • The procedure for assessment of contributions made under this Scheme;
  • Any other matter what so ever for which, in the opinion of the Agency, is necessary or desirable to make regulation and issue guidelines for giving effect to this Law.
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